Ticket Free Guarantee

A 1-year limited ticket reimbursement guarantee for all of our products purchased from authorized retailers.

A Radar Detector for Everyone

Do you want a detector with incredible performance and the best false-alert filtering in the world? The Radenso Pro M is a great choice. If you are looking for excellent performance at an unbeatable price, the Radenso SP stands out as a clear winner. Or maybe you want to split the difference and get a fantastic all-around radar detector with advanced features like GPS and great false alert filtering – the Radenso XP will serve you well.

The Radenso XP is an unmatched value for a GPS radar detector. Best in-class sensitivity delivers radar alerts up to several miles away, while incredible blind spot monitor (BSM) filtering prevents false alerts. GPS Lockout capability lets the Radenso XP remember common false alerts along your regularly driven routes so you never have to listen to the same false alert twice.

The Radenso Pro M is the detector for drivers who demand every last ounce of performance. If you don’t want to deal with the cost and effort of a custom installed detection system, but demand the best from a portable radar detector, look no further. The compact size and false alert filtering abilities makes the Pro M feel invisible when there is nothing to worry about, but know when to alert when a threat is detected.

Your days of compromise are over. We have packaged the highest-performing radar detector in the world, that can integrate with the most advanced laser defense in the world, all in one discreet display. No other ticket prevention system on the planet offer a remote, concealed radar detector, that integrates seamlessly with the AL Priority laser defense system, and provides a 1-year of ticket free guarantee.

Priority Laser Defense

For the person that refuses to compromise, the Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority integration kit is the final piece of the puzzle.  Everyone knows you can detect radar signals from miles away with a good radar detector, but laser is a much more deadly threat. With the ability to target individual cars from up to a mile away with pinpoint accuracy, the instant-reading ability of police LIDAR guns renders most traditional radar detectors helpless.

It’s time to even the playing field with the Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority kit.  If you know countermeasures, you are already familiar with the legendary performance of the AL Priority standalone laser jammer.  For the first time ever, you can now combine the AL Priority laser system with a top-flight integrated radar detection system for a complete, user-friendly solution.

It gets even better – combining the AL Priority with the Radenso RC M unlocks new features of the AL Priority that are impossible when used standalone, like the ability to adjust certain settings of the AL Priority directly from the display of the RC M.

The AL Priority isn’t just the world’s leading laser defense; it also is a fully functional parking sensor system.  Great for adding on parking sensors to cars that did not come with them, it is a true dual-purpose system that can be configured in software to comply with local laws and regulations.

License Plate Camera Blocker

• Detection of red light and speed camera flashes in all weather conditions
• Powerful xenon bulb capable of overexposing plate information in all weather conditions
• Ability to overexpose plate information twice before recharge
• Software filtering of non red light and speed camera light sources
• Quick disconnect cord for easy removal
• Can be mounted above or below the license plate
• Patented 12v device- no spray or cover required
• Does not physically cover license plate information
• 1 year manufacturer warranty
• 1 year photo camera ticket free guarantee
• US telephone and email support